• Three things for which we are the best :


    VM - VASOVIĆ offers you
  • Aluminum Panels
    PVC Panels
    Doors - hidden casement
  • Elegant Panels
    Security doors - hidden casement
    ALU i PVC Sandwich plate
    On 20 ili 24 mm
    Three-point safety lock
    With Biometric unlocking
    MACO fittings

ALU i PVCPanels

  • We offer safety, quality, stability and excellent finishing of our products! There is a wide choice of over 200 different models of modern design, which you can adjust to your technical characteristics. Aluminum or PVC panels - the choice is yours. Resistant to all weather conditions and very easy to maintain.
  • ELVIAL XCLUSIVE 88 The NEW Entrance System XCLUSIVE 88 sets new standards in Energy Efficient Doors, offeringcountless design options with a basic depth of only 77mm.
  • There are several reasons why you have to choose our Doors - hidden casement:
    1) Our production
    2) Affordable prices
    3) Secured service
    4) Choice in multiple colors
    5) More panel door models
    6) Possibility to correct prices for wholesale
    7) Experience
  • Door - Hidden casement when making or manufacturing, an aluminum sheet of decorative panel stick to the casement and thus produces the effect of a hidden casement. The effect of the hidden casement is, in fact, related to the flat surface of the panel of the decorative panel that is integrated on the entire surface of the casement (no profile angles are seen), thereby enhance the visual effect
  • You can see a large selection of colors from the  RAL Catalog
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Mission and vision

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By establishing our family company in 2000. We strive to meet the needs of our customers. That's the responsibility that has been going on for 18 years. That's why we always go from the wishes and needs of our customers, to create products that ensure safety, savings and enjoyment. We strive to keep up in step with time and therefore use new technologies in our production, while turning to ecology and protecting the environment. Let's introduce ourselves.

VM-VASOVIĆ is the leader in the production of Aluminum and PVC panels. We produce quality AL and PVC panels, as well as Security doors with key quality standards, which guarantees safety and security in the use of our products.

Production and installation - of aluminum and pvc, we use various kinds of glasses such as: flot, brown stopsol, blue stopsol, blue parsol, delta glass, fluteks, grizzly, cathedral and etc. ... decorative strips in white, golden and gray. Sandwich panels made of PVC in three sizes 1x2m, 1.5x2m, 3x2m. Sales and distribution of all products.

Production in the company VM - VASOVIĆ has been completely modernized. We use high-tech machines that enable us high precision and quality. We are also able to respond to specific requests from customers regarding colors and decor. We invite you to come to us and see the quality of our work, our products and we believe that we will fulfill your highest criteria.


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Why choose VM - VASOVIĆ

Thanks to the aesthetics, safety and functionality it provides, aluminum is considered the ideal material for door construction. The main advantages over other materials for door construction are:
1) Isolation
2) Resistance
3) Flexibility
4) Functionality
5) Ecological properties
Because of the insensitivity to moisture and excellent insulating ability, PVC is extremely grateful material. By purchasing PVC you will get safe protection against cold, heat, noise, rain at an affordable price and minimal maintenance.
PVC is a material that is most resistant to all types of chemicals and gases that can be found in the air, especially in urban areas.
The chemical composition of PVC or the components from which it is obtained has more in nature than the materials necessary for competitive materials from which the carpentry is made (wood and ore bauxite - aluminum) which directly affects the price of the product.
Because of all of these characteristics, PVC stands out as the best solution when it comes to doors for your home or work space.
- Easy to maintain - occasionally wipe with a soft cloth soaked in soap - No painting required - No rust and rotting - wooden and metal elements are susceptible to rotting and rusting, which is not the case here; Unlike wooden elements, no additional protection is required here - No deformation - plastic profiles are solid and durable, resistant to impacts and do not absorb water.
- Resistant to burning - plastic profiles will burn only if exposed to a strong source of heat, this material is labeled as self-contained.
- Made in different styles, with different possibilities - that can meet different needs - Ecologically justified - although plastics require plenty of time to decompose in nature, it is commendable that PVC materials can be recycled and also save energy when making them.
- It's easy to install!
We are located in Meljak, Belgrade, Address: Stanoja Todorovića 8a. We invite you to come to us and see for yourself the quality of our work and our assortment.